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Adopt Forever t-shirt

Adopt Forever t-shirt

Adopt Forever t-shirt

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Our Adopt Forever t-shirt was made to remind all of us that adopting your companion animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, and well even ferrets are best adopted from your local animal shelter or rescue instead of purchased from a breeder or a pet store that does not support rescues. AND when you make the important decision to adopt you should keep in mind that adopting should be forever, not until your pet Ralph does not match your furniture colour upgrade in two years! Ya...that happens! We donate some money and t-shirts  to Prairie Pooches. Prairie Pooches is where we got Sir Harry, pictured here. He was a 10 year old Basset Hound that needed to be rescued and adopted. When he was rescued he had to have 4 large fat lumps removed from his body. He may have cancer but he is pretty old to try to treat that unfortunately. We are giving him a great retirement home with lots of love. How can you not want to support people who rescue amazing dogs like Sir Harry?

Sir Harry from Prairie Pooches

This t-shirt is a regular men's sized tee, not fitted. So it fits like a regular t-shirt.


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