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About Us

 In the Spring of 2014, we found a lump on our baby boy's hind leg. Yes, our baby boy is a dog.

We adopted Turk a few years prior from the Saskatoon SPCA. We filmed the experience of adopting him and because of it, developed a relationship with the Saskatoon SPCA. Watch the video below.

I helped them with some videos to help get some dogs and cats adopted, I made them t-shirts and my wife ended up working there for a couple of years as an adoption councellor. We adopted another dog, Lokie, as she was having a hard time finding her forever home due to her needing lots of exercise, attention and training. She was a lot to handle. We already had a cat named New Kitty and then adopted another cat Calliope, after fostering her and her six babies while they all got healthy. So we had our hands full but love every minute of it.

Back to Turk. When we found the lump, we said that no matter what we would give Turk the care he deserved. After a biopsy, it was determined that he had a very aggressive type of bone cancer. Immediate treatment was amputation of the affected leg then soon after lots of chemotherapy. Turk only had about three days of down time after his operation and remained strong and happy. He had to go to chemotherapy a couple of times per month. So you can imagine, this was very very expensive. We had money saved up so started to dip into that. We then realized that maybe we should do a little fundraising to help out as the expenses were going to likely continue for quite some time. We were already into the thousands of dollars. We also decided that we would also donate some of the funds raised to the Saskatoon SPCA. We held a steak night and it went fantastic. We were so grateful for everyone that came out and supported us and Turk. We raised enough money to help us pay down some credit cards and donate to the Saskatoon SPCA and sponsor a dog kennel for an entire year. The kennel was sponsored in Turk and Lokie's names. We were so happy! We were thrilled and enjoyed the experience very much. Community came together for one night to support each other and it was a great feeling. 

The sad part of this story is that Turk did not win against cancer. In November of 2014, he passed away after around 8 months of battling. His cancer was just too aggressive. He never really suffered throughout his treatment so we were grateful for that. We were very fortunate to have had him in our family for three short years and he meant the world to us. Watch his memorial below.

This is where Bold Clothes came to light. I had been making t-shirts for many years already in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada but knew that I could apply this new model of giving to my t-shirt business moving forward. We are now dedicated to help the community we live in. We donate to local, national or global community organizations or charities. A lot of our t-shirts are expressive and make a statement. With each statement we can match it with a charity that might need help. For example, we have a beautiful beaver t-shirt design. It is a hand drawn design that we make print on to t-shirts. We donate a portion of proceeds to Salthaven West Wildlife and Education Centre. We have donated almost a $1000 to help them in Regina. They do amazing work to help wild animals get rehabilitated back to perfect health then release them back into the wild.

We will document all the interactions with the community organizations and charities. We will take pictures, make videos, write blog posts and share with the world where all the donations go. Each design will have some sort of message, through images and/or words to help our Bold t-shirt wearing community standout and be heard. By buying Bold Clothes you are directly supporting your community and by wearing Bold Clothes you are telling everyone you are supporting your community.

Be Bold and support the communities we live in.

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