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Pelican Saskatoon T-Shirt

Pelican Saskatoon T-Shirt

Pelican Saskatoon T-Shirt

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The American White Pelicans have been coming to Saskatoon since the 70s! They love to mostly hang out at the weir but can be seen all over the city in the summer. They come all the way from the Gulf of Mexico every summer. That is a lot of travelling. We should be celebrating them.

What a great way to celebrate Saskatoon and the pelicans with a pelican inspired Saskatoon t-shirt.

As of December 2022, the Meewasin Valley Authority has been promoting they need more money. They need our help. They need help to keep the trails and riverbank in top shape. Well we want to help. Every time someone purchases this tee we will donate $5 to Meewasin to keep the riverbank fresh for us and the returning pelicans every year!

We use very comfortable t-shirts that fit true to size.


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