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Bold Clothes launches with longboarding t-shirt!

We officially launched our new Bold Clothes e-commerce store with a longboarding t-shirt where $7 from the sale of each t-shirt will go directly to the Saskatoon longboarding community event SLUG JAM in August 2015.

I was interested in getting in to longboarding in the summer of 2014. I had heard where I might find some guys longboarding in Saskatoon so I went to look for them. I came across some great guys longboarding and asked if I could take some video for my blog. They obliged and I also asked them questions about longboarding and the community. They were awesome. They were genuinely interested in sharing information about the sport and culture. They were welcoming and encouraging. They even invited me to join their Saskatoon Longboarding Underground (SLUG) Facebook group. So I knew I wanted to learn how to longboard. I had snowboarded a lot in my past so knew it was going to be fun. My wife bought me a longboard for my birthday in July and I was ready!

I had so much fun longboarding and kept in touch with the guys. To show my appreciation for their attitudes, I decided that I would get a t-shirt designed and help support their upcoming annual summer event, SLUG JAM,  as they had a long way to go with their fundraising. They helped pick a design that they thought would sell well and this t-shirt design was developed.

Be Bold and help support the Saskatoon longboarding community.

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